Friday, March 1, 2013

Sponsor Post for Wombat Wash

Wombat Wash is a cloth diaper service for our area that is sponsoring us for the second time.  A cloth diaper service is someone who :gasp: washes your diapers for you!!! Awesome!!!  They also provide the prefolds and covers!  Even more awesome!  Wombat Wash also has VERY reasonable prices with the lowest one starting at only $11 a week!!!  Here is what they have to say about their shop:
Wombat Wash – Diaper supply and cleaning service.
We take care of the diapers – You take care of your child.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and we hope you find some useful information. Like many new families, we quickly found that keeping our child clean, happy and healthy was the priority in our lives. With that in mind, we reviewed every option of cost and convenience while maintaining our first concerns for our child. The cloth diaper option quickly proved to be one of our solutions. Now we are proud to offer that same option with added saving and convenience for you.

Sounds pretty amazing to me!!!!  If I was first starting off, this is the way I would go!

Not only all that, now Wombat Wash also offers compostable diapers for those that are not able/wanting to completely go cloth but want to help out with their environment.  They will deliver these for you as well.  They are the only place in the area that offers these!

Wombat Wash will be providing soap for each goodie bag and they will also be there to provide diapers to anyone without any cloth diapers so that they can use them for the change!  How awesome is that.  Thank you for your support again this year Wombat Wash!

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