Event Rules/Registration

Event Rules From Guinness:
  1. Each participant must be paired with one child 39” or shorter.
  2. Each child must be changed into a cloth, reusable diaper that can be purchased online, at a brick and mortar store or is offered through a diaper service.  (It does not matter what diaper the child arrives in.)
  3. At the sound of a loud signal all participants must remove their child’s existing diaper and properly put on a 100% reusable cloth diaper.
  4. This is what will happen at the signal to start:
    • Each participant should hold the clean diaper that they will change the baby into high in the air (this is when the photographer should take “before” pictures)
    • Each participant should change their child’s diaper (no photographs or video permitted at this time)
    • When the diaper change is complete (this is not a race, the timekeeper can determine when all the changes have happened) each participant should hold their freshly changed child in the air (this is when the photographer should take “after” pictures)

**Any participant who does not properly complete all tasks must be deducted from the total.**

Pre-Registration can be found here:

**If you have any questions please feel free to visit the Contact Us page.**

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