Friday, March 1, 2013

Sponsor Post for Eco Sprout

Anyways, today's feature is on Eco Sprout!

Eco Sprout is a wonderful...I mean amazing...I mean spectacular laundry detergent.  Eco Sprout has VERY graciously donated a raffle prize AND samples to be included in your goodie bags that will be given to the first 50 people who arrive!  Eco Sprout also carries bottom balm that is cloth diaper safe, pail freshener, and bottom cleaning spray!  And let me tell you how YUMMY their smells are!!!!  I am in love!  This is the ONLY detergent that Nicole, the host of the event, uses.  And trust me, I am ALWAYS stocked up on my Eco Sprout products!  I have three bags down in my basement now! :-D  And they are just so reasonably priced that there really isn't a way to go wrong with this!  You will be in love the second you use it too!

Here is Nicole's review on their detergent that she did before:
EcoSprout is a new cloth diaper friendly laundry detergent.  I received two different scents, warm vanilla sugar and sandalwood vanilla.  I had such a hard time picking out which one I was going to try.  I ended up choosing the warm vanilla sugar....okay, I husband had to choose for me.

I loved this detergent.  It works VERY well.  I was able to use the whole sample size (2 oz) before I wrote this review and I'm telling ya, no stink issues here!  The diapers are ALWAYS smelling fresh!  Also, it just smells SO yummy!!!!

This detergent got out even the toughest poop marks, diarrhea from being sick.  I'm telling you, for real, I am IN LOVE with this product!

I also did a soak with this detergent.  Well, two soaks (because I have that many diapers lol)...and boy was that nasty!  The water was so brown and yuckie...ew...that's the only way I know how to describe it.  But, I loved it so much that I had to buy another batch of it.  I have to admit that this is the very first time I have ever committed to a laundry detergent.  It is the first full size bag I have ever bought, no joke.  I have been living off of samples that I purchased and stuff in hopes of finding one that I liked.  Well, I have been searching since August (when I realized how much I really didn't like Rockin' Green) and I have finally FINALLY found one!!!  So happy about this!!!

Because this is a new company, I am going to write all their background information also.  Please remember that these are not my own words, these are the words from the VERY talented maker, Jared (btw, amazing that a daddy is getting into this!  very exciting!):

"The company was started by myself, a WAHM.  I was looking for a cloth diaper detergent that was great for not just diapers, but for my entire family's laundry.  It was important to me that the detergent I used was non-toxic, natural, eco-friendly, and sensitive for my baby's bottom.  After experimenting for several months and doing a ton of research, Eco Sprout was born.

"I am still very small and manufacture the detergent myself.  The detergent is free from perfumes, dyes, brighteners, enzymes, phosphates, & is 100% biodegradable.  It is safe for cloth diapers, and they not only come out of the wash smelling clean, but so far, we have noticed zero to very little ammonia smell both when my son pees and even in the diaper pail 2 days later!

"We offer the following sents: Lavender Chamomile, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Fresh Linen, Vanilla Sandalwood, In The Buff, which is our Unscented version, Green Tea and our seasonal scent which is currently Peppermint Sticks.

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