Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sponsor Post for Crafty Weeks

Today I am going to tell you a little bit about Crafty Weeks.

Crafty Weeks, owned by Allison, is a handmade shop on Etsy with all sorts of adorable items.  She sells custom made onesies with cute prints on them and also a lot of different leg warmers.  She also sells crayon rolls, blankets and burp cloths.

Here is one of my favorite onesies that she makes:

Crafty Weeks will also be available as a vendor at the Great Cloth Diaper Change in Roanoke this year!  We are so excited to have her and I just can't wait to see what she brings.  A few of her items will also be in a raffle package!!!!

You should also check out her awesome blog she has too!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sponsor Post for Smile Sunshine Designs

Smile Sunshine Designs is a local business right here in Roanoke, VA that has an online shop on Etsy. The shop features safe & natural alternatives for mamas and kiddos. All items are handmade by the shop owners and come from a smoke free and pet friendly home.

Smile Sunshine Designs offers Silicone Necklaces and Bracelets. These are made of the same silicone as baby pacifiers and bottles, so no BPA! The bracelets are made on a thick, strong elastic cord and baby can chew, suck, and play with them. The necklaces are only strung part of the way, but that is for comfort for the mommy – also the baby won’t be chewing on your neck!
Another type of Necklace the store offers are Fabric Necklaces. These are made of fabric and natural wood. A knot is placed between each bead just in case of breakage and some necklaces offer an unfinished wood teething ring! So cute.
Another option for a necklace is the Crochet Bead Necklace. Each crochet bead is made up of a birch wood bead that is covered in soft cotton. Something fun for babies to play with while nursing, taking a bottle, etc.
Teether Rings are made with soft fabric, perfect for absorbing all that drool! Fabric is stitched twice to ensure the beads are secure. This is a great teething product to use instead of all those plastic teethers that out now!
Check out Smile Sunshine Designs on Etsy to see all the cute items they carry and the different color combos they offer.

Sponsor Post for Baby K’tan

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is a cross between a sling a more structured front infant carrier. There are seven positions with the baby carrier – they can be snuggled or breastfed using the Hug or Explore positions and as they get older they can be carried on your hip! Most slings only distribute weight over one shoulder, this carrier distributes over both your shoulders and your back, so no more back or neck pain!

The loops for the Baby K’tan are very easy and uncomplicated unlike other wraps. You can use the Baby K’tan from 8 pounds up to 35 pounds! Check out this comparison chart to other types of baby carriers:

The Baby K’Tan is offered in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. Sizing is based on your pre-pregnancy fitted dress size (or suit jacket size for men). You can also refer to their sizing chart. Due to the carriers being sized you and your partner may need separate carriers – refer to the sizing chart to determine.

Once you receive your Baby K’tan you can refer to their website for instructions on the various holds! The Kangaroo position is for newborns up to about 3 months old – the step by step instructions are super easy to follow and the snuggling with your baby is wonderful! To carry on the hip there are two alternatives – either with the carrier over one shoulder or over both shoulders.  Always do a safety check once you have the baby in the carrier. 
The Baby K’tan comes in a variety of colors; Heather Grey, Eggplant, Black, Cocoa, Sage Green, White, Natural, etc. They also offer a baby carrier called the Breeze – the difference is that the 50% mesh and 50% cotton construction reduces heat and moisture. The Breeze comes in White or Black. If you like to choose organic they also offer a Natural and Black carrier.

If you’d like when you purchase a carrier directly from Baby K’tan you can also personalize the carrier OR sash with a name, monogram, or Family Logo. So cute!
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sponsor Post for Momma Bean Stalk

OK local mommas! FINALLY a local resource for amber! I don’t know about you but I’d so much rather buy from someone local than order online through a retailer. Momma Bean Stalk is based in Christiansburg, VA and instead of paying for shipping you can meet up with her to get your product.

While looking over Momma Bean Stalk’s store on Etsy I noticed she has only been open since February 4, 2013 and already has 91 sales! WOW, that is great. Way to go Bekah!

Here are a few of her products that stood out to me:

Raw Baltic Amber Bracelet on Stretch Cord – Adult Various Sizes and Colors – Easy On - $12

 13 inch Ombre Baltic Amber Teething Necklace - $16


28 Inch Honey Raw Baltic Amber Necklace - $28


For the raffle table she has provided:

Retail value of $46
13 inch raw, unpolished amber
18 inch raw, unpolished amber
6 inch raw unpolished amber

Sponsor Post for Roanoke Ring Slings

In this post I am going to tell you about my experience with Roanoke Ring Slings.

I have actually purchased a ring sling from Roanoke Ring Slings not too long ago and I have to say I am impressed.  I have tried almost every carrier and felt like I could only ever like the Boba.  Well, prove me wrong!  This ring sling is super durable, easy to use, very snugly, versatile and I could go on and on and on!

When I tried this, I first tried it on my 18 month old and he loved it!  He just snuggled right up to mommy and was LOVING the cuddle time.  We used this sling A LOT on our Florida vacation...including using it on the beach!  My son was soooo scared of the water!  I put him in the sling and, well...just LOOK at how happy he is!

Not only all that, but this ring sling felt safe and secure.  I also LOVED the black thread on the white cloth.  It looks so elegant and was DEFINITELY great for the FL sun and heat!

Now, of course, at one point my 3 1/2 year old just HAD to get in it.  I was very surprised that he was able to use it!  Not only that, he loved it.  I have to admit that for me it was a little awkward (let's face it...he is a huge boy measuring in at 3 feet 9 inches), but it did feel safe and secure!  Please note, that my older son is still only 35 lbs.  I would never put my son in it if he was over the suggested weight limit.

Now, with all that said, I bet you can't WAIT for your chance to win one in the raffle!!!! ;-)

Sponsor Post for Villa Babies

In this post, I am going to tell you a little bit about Villa Babies.  

Villa Babies is a relativity new diaper maker right over in Beckley!  She makes AIO diapers.

Her AIO diapers vary from Stay Dry to Organic options and snaps or velcro.  She also makes AIO diapers with  snap down option for the umbilical cord (which to me is essential when CDing a newborn).  She also has 17 options for the diapers for colors and/or prints.

She also carries pail liners, wet bags, diaper pails, diaper sprayers, wipes, and wipe warmers.  So, basically everything you would need to CD plus more!

But, it doesn't stop there!  She also offers tees and hat sets!  

I mean, seriously, look at the adorable raffle package she provided for us.  There is also a second one for a boy!

Sponsor Post for EcoSprout

EcoSprout is a cloth diaper friendly laundry detergent.  I received two different scents, warm vanilla sugar and sandalwood vanilla.  I had such a hard time picking out which one I was going to try.  I ended up choosing the warm vanilla sugar....okay, I husband had to choose for me.

I loved this detergent.  It works VERY well.  I was able to use the whole sample size (2 oz) before I wrote this review and I'm telling ya, no stink issues here!  The diapers are ALWAYS smelling fresh!  Also, it just smells SO yummy!!!! 

This detergent got out even the toughest poop marks, diarrhea from being sick.  I'm telling you, for real, I am IN LOVE with this product!

I also did a soak with this detergent.  Well, two soaks (because I have that many diapers lol)...and boy was that nasty!  The water was so brown and yuckie...ew...that's the only way I know how to describe it.  But, I loved it so much that I had to buy another batch of it.  I have to admit that this is the very first time I have ever committed to a laundry detergent.  It is the first full size bag I have ever bought, no joke.  I have been living off of samples that I purchased and stuff in hopes of finding one that I liked.  Well, I have been searching since August (when I realized how much I really didn't like Rockin' Green) and I have finally FINALLY found one!!!  So happy about this!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sponsor Post for Baby Steals

I tell all my friends about Baby Steals – and when they tell me they haven’t heard of it I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! I’ve been following Baby Steals deals ever since my little one was born and when something is a great deal and I can jump in before they are sold out!

A couple of my recent steals:
I got a pair of Jack & Lily Brown Lovebirds Shoes for $16.99 (+shipping) - and they usually retail around $30. I can’t wait for them to fit her! She has an itty bitty foot and I ordered too big so maybe by fall she can fit in 12-18 month shoes! But it was totally my error as I didn’t even look at the sizing!

The Mon Petit Mardi necklace on my daughter
I also ordered my daughter her teething necklace – Mon Petit Mardi- Unpolished Lemon Amber Teething Necklace for only $13.99 which typically retails for $27.99

At they sell two quality baby or maternity products every day at up to 80% off until they sell out. The steals are featured at 9am MT and 9pm MT and are live until they are gone and they sell out fast! So download the app for your phone and check out the steals on Facebook when they are posted. You can also sign up for the Daily Steal Email Alert.  They feature a lot of the well known brands like Babylegs, ERGObaby, Ju-Ju-Be, etc. also has steals for kids, crafters, and women!
You can visit for Kids items, for Crafty items, and for Womens items.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sponsor Post for Smart Mom Jewelry

Smart Mom Jewelry features Teething Bling! These pendants, bangles, and keychains are made from the same silicone as most teething toys and they contain no harmful chemicals! Each pendant comes with a breakaway clasp as a safety measure. Teething Bling is designed for adults to wear to soothe and entertain babies with emerging teeth, not necessarily fully developed teeth as they may bite through the pendants.

Beaded Line – This is a new product for Smart Mom Jewelry. Bascially they just took the top 5 signature pendants and added some teething beads. The beads add a bit more style to the already cute pendants! Limited quantities, so get yours fast as a couple are already out of stock!


Signature Pendants – Donut Shaped pendants that are 2”x2” and are a solid color. Lots of various colors to choose from with a black cord. You can also upgrade and get different cords as well – silver, tan, and white!

Bangles – These bangles are one-size-fits-all! They come in 18 different solid colors for your baby to teeth on! Coordinate with your Signature Pendant as well!


Patterned Pendants – Solid color not for you? Like a bit of fun? Then these patterned pendants are for you! Currently there are 9 different options – Green Swirl, Pink Calcite, Pink Zebra, Union Jack, etc.


Ring Pendants – 2”x2” Rings available in cute, but sophisticated colors!

Shimmer Pendants – Wow – bright pendants to catch your babies attentions! These are 2”x2” Donut shaped pendants in 6 different colors – Blue, Emerald, Pearl, Raspberry, Red, and Violet!


Sports Line – Get your donut shaped pendants in your favorite NFL teams colors!

Triangle Pendants – These are rounded triangle shaped pendants that come in 4 colors – Bronze, Jade, Onyx, and Pink Cupcake!

Tween Bling – Special colors and designs just for tweens – check out the various options available!

BABE MAGNET Ties – These look like regular ties but each one has a surprise, a squeqker and a rattle to delight babies!


(Click on Links)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sponsor Post for Rockin’ Green

Rockin’ Green offers eco-friendly cleaning products. Perhaps the most popular is their laundry detergent!

They offer three types of Laundry Detergent dependant on the type of water you have in your home. Classic Rock is for those with middle-of-the-road water hardness. Hard Rock is for those with hard hard water. Then soft rock is for when you have soft water.  They have a map on the website that shows what areas of the US each detergent would be best in, but it also a good idea to check it yourself! Personally the map shows I should use Classic Rock, but I knew I had hard water and tested it to verify. So I have faithfully used Rockin’ Green Hard Rock for over 16 months with my cloth diapers!

The laundry detergent is so great because the PH is lower than other detergents, which makes it gentler on fabrics and cloth diapers! Also if you use the Unscented Soap (Bare Naked Babies) it is safe for sensitive  skin! So many babies have sensitive skin, so this is very helpful. And just plain and simple, this detergent has better cleaning power! 

Rockin’ Green also offer Funk Rock – Ammonia Bouncer! Basically if you have some very stinky or ammonia smelly clothes/diapers this product helps bust it out! It is also 100% natural and is Phosphate Free, Enzyme Free, and SLS Free!

I f you have converted to Cloth Menstrual pads they also offer Femme Rock! It is an enzyme based detergent designed to keep your reusable cloth pads looking like new!

Rockin’ Green now offers Dog House Rock – a Pet Bedding and Toy Detergent! Basically most detergents leave something behind and that residue can be a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria and is toxic  to pets! This product is Phosphate Free, Enzyme Free, and SLS Free!

The Newest member to the Rockin’ Green family is Auto Dish Detergent! Taken straight from the website:
-Dye free -No Fillers -Cleans and protects -Eliminates unsightly water spots -No need to pre-rinse -Natural scrubbing agents -Non Toxic -Tackles burnt on food -Phosphate free -Easy rinsing formula -Recyclable packaging -Prevents mineral buildup -No cloudy film -Etch protection -Vegan & Gluten Free -Biodegradable -Naturally scented -Excellent in hard water - no need for boosters or rinse aids!

If you have a diaper pail or wetbag they can get to stinkin’ pretty quick – so Rockin’ Green came out with Shake It Up! Pail Freshner. Whenever your pail/wetbag starts stinkin’ just sprinkle some Shake It Up! In the pail/wet bag. Another solution to stink is the Melody Odor Neutralizer & Fragrance Spray! It is safe to use around kids and suitable for all fabrics.

Also most of the products come in lots of different choices in yummy natural scents! I’ve tried several and love them all. 

Ok so if you are sold on Rockin’ Green like I am, head over to their website and place your order for multiple products!

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Sponsor Post for Wee Essentials

Wee Essentials offers lots of different products – something for everyone!

Soap Bits Wipe Solution – These Soap Bits can be used for various purposes other than cloth wipes! You can use them to soak your menstrual pads, a foaming cleanser, travel soaps, etc. Wee Essentials uses an all natural high-glycerin soap as a base to they’ll dissolve easily and moisturize. Shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butters are added for more moisturizing then she adds FDA approved dyes depending on the scent. She also offers undyed Essential Oil soap bits that are 100% natural!


Wee Essentials sells pure lanolin for your dry skin, longies, soakers, other woolens, and spinning. There are also several options for cute prefolds in the shop. Wee Essentials offers various size wet bags that feature a waterproof inner of PUL. Sizes offered – 5”x7”, 10”x14”, 16”x16”, 20”x20".

Also available in the store are reusable sandwich bags that feature a pleated fold over closure. The size small measures approx. 5”x5” closed and the medium is 7”x8” closed. They come in lots of various color fabrics/designs and are oh so cute!


For us ladies Wee Essentials offers Panty and Thong Liners – these are great for everyday leaks and for menstrual cup backup! They feature two layers of 100% cotton flannel. The panty liner will measure approximately 8" long, and approximately 2 1/4" wide when snapped, and the pad has been quilted - the top-stitching helps moisture stay in the center of the pads. The panty liner wings easily snap around your underwear with KAM polycetal resin snaps. And for those days where a regular pad is needed they offer - Cloth Menstrual Pads. Wee Essentials offers various types of Cloth Pads – Heavy flow, medium flow, light flow, extra long, and post partum. Some have PUL and some have Fleece. You really have a lot of options with Wee Essentials.


For the Nursing Mamas they have Cloth Nursing Pads – these feature a fun print (that only you will know is there) on one side and a solid white side so not to show through the bra/shirt. They pads are approximately 5” in diameter and fit the majority of sizes. They feature waterproof PUL so no leaking! If you choose to custom order you can pick fleece or no waterproofing as well.

Becoming even more so popular lately are “Unpaper” Towels! You can purchase a set from Wee Essentials!

For your Bath and Body Wee Essentials offers Triple Butter Soap in various scents, they all sound so yummy and are pretty! They also offer the following:

  • Soothing Sinus Relief Balm – a balm to help you breathe and to heal your chapped nose!
  • Natural Lip Balm w/ Healing Oils – contains many oils known for their healing properties and similarity to human oils, sweetened the deal with some beeswax as an emolient (to smooth and soften), and then added yummy scented essential or flavor oils!
  • Wee Wipes – Reusable Makeup Removes Cloth/Face Scrubbies in Cotton Velour – This is a set of 12 3” squares and can be used for a variety of purposes – removing makeup, nose wipes, cleaning hands, etc.

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