Monday, April 8, 2013

Sponsor Post for Smart Mom Jewelry

Smart Mom Jewelry features Teething Bling! These pendants, bangles, and keychains are made from the same silicone as most teething toys and they contain no harmful chemicals! Each pendant comes with a breakaway clasp as a safety measure. Teething Bling is designed for adults to wear to soothe and entertain babies with emerging teeth, not necessarily fully developed teeth as they may bite through the pendants.

Beaded Line – This is a new product for Smart Mom Jewelry. Bascially they just took the top 5 signature pendants and added some teething beads. The beads add a bit more style to the already cute pendants! Limited quantities, so get yours fast as a couple are already out of stock!


Signature Pendants – Donut Shaped pendants that are 2”x2” and are a solid color. Lots of various colors to choose from with a black cord. You can also upgrade and get different cords as well – silver, tan, and white!

Bangles – These bangles are one-size-fits-all! They come in 18 different solid colors for your baby to teeth on! Coordinate with your Signature Pendant as well!


Patterned Pendants – Solid color not for you? Like a bit of fun? Then these patterned pendants are for you! Currently there are 9 different options – Green Swirl, Pink Calcite, Pink Zebra, Union Jack, etc.


Ring Pendants – 2”x2” Rings available in cute, but sophisticated colors!

Shimmer Pendants – Wow – bright pendants to catch your babies attentions! These are 2”x2” Donut shaped pendants in 6 different colors – Blue, Emerald, Pearl, Raspberry, Red, and Violet!


Sports Line – Get your donut shaped pendants in your favorite NFL teams colors!

Triangle Pendants – These are rounded triangle shaped pendants that come in 4 colors – Bronze, Jade, Onyx, and Pink Cupcake!

Tween Bling – Special colors and designs just for tweens – check out the various options available!

BABE MAGNET Ties – These look like regular ties but each one has a surprise, a squeqker and a rattle to delight babies!


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