Monday, April 1, 2013

Sponsor Post for Rockin’ Green

Rockin’ Green offers eco-friendly cleaning products. Perhaps the most popular is their laundry detergent!

They offer three types of Laundry Detergent dependant on the type of water you have in your home. Classic Rock is for those with middle-of-the-road water hardness. Hard Rock is for those with hard hard water. Then soft rock is for when you have soft water.  They have a map on the website that shows what areas of the US each detergent would be best in, but it also a good idea to check it yourself! Personally the map shows I should use Classic Rock, but I knew I had hard water and tested it to verify. So I have faithfully used Rockin’ Green Hard Rock for over 16 months with my cloth diapers!

The laundry detergent is so great because the PH is lower than other detergents, which makes it gentler on fabrics and cloth diapers! Also if you use the Unscented Soap (Bare Naked Babies) it is safe for sensitive  skin! So many babies have sensitive skin, so this is very helpful. And just plain and simple, this detergent has better cleaning power! 

Rockin’ Green also offer Funk Rock – Ammonia Bouncer! Basically if you have some very stinky or ammonia smelly clothes/diapers this product helps bust it out! It is also 100% natural and is Phosphate Free, Enzyme Free, and SLS Free!

I f you have converted to Cloth Menstrual pads they also offer Femme Rock! It is an enzyme based detergent designed to keep your reusable cloth pads looking like new!

Rockin’ Green now offers Dog House Rock – a Pet Bedding and Toy Detergent! Basically most detergents leave something behind and that residue can be a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria and is toxic  to pets! This product is Phosphate Free, Enzyme Free, and SLS Free!

The Newest member to the Rockin’ Green family is Auto Dish Detergent! Taken straight from the website:
-Dye free -No Fillers -Cleans and protects -Eliminates unsightly water spots -No need to pre-rinse -Natural scrubbing agents -Non Toxic -Tackles burnt on food -Phosphate free -Easy rinsing formula -Recyclable packaging -Prevents mineral buildup -No cloudy film -Etch protection -Vegan & Gluten Free -Biodegradable -Naturally scented -Excellent in hard water - no need for boosters or rinse aids!

If you have a diaper pail or wetbag they can get to stinkin’ pretty quick – so Rockin’ Green came out with Shake It Up! Pail Freshner. Whenever your pail/wetbag starts stinkin’ just sprinkle some Shake It Up! In the pail/wet bag. Another solution to stink is the Melody Odor Neutralizer & Fragrance Spray! It is safe to use around kids and suitable for all fabrics.

Also most of the products come in lots of different choices in yummy natural scents! I’ve tried several and love them all. 

Ok so if you are sold on Rockin’ Green like I am, head over to their website and place your order for multiple products!

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