Monday, April 1, 2013

Sponsor Post for Wee Essentials

Wee Essentials offers lots of different products – something for everyone!

Soap Bits Wipe Solution – These Soap Bits can be used for various purposes other than cloth wipes! You can use them to soak your menstrual pads, a foaming cleanser, travel soaps, etc. Wee Essentials uses an all natural high-glycerin soap as a base to they’ll dissolve easily and moisturize. Shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butters are added for more moisturizing then she adds FDA approved dyes depending on the scent. She also offers undyed Essential Oil soap bits that are 100% natural!


Wee Essentials sells pure lanolin for your dry skin, longies, soakers, other woolens, and spinning. There are also several options for cute prefolds in the shop. Wee Essentials offers various size wet bags that feature a waterproof inner of PUL. Sizes offered – 5”x7”, 10”x14”, 16”x16”, 20”x20".

Also available in the store are reusable sandwich bags that feature a pleated fold over closure. The size small measures approx. 5”x5” closed and the medium is 7”x8” closed. They come in lots of various color fabrics/designs and are oh so cute!


For us ladies Wee Essentials offers Panty and Thong Liners – these are great for everyday leaks and for menstrual cup backup! They feature two layers of 100% cotton flannel. The panty liner will measure approximately 8" long, and approximately 2 1/4" wide when snapped, and the pad has been quilted - the top-stitching helps moisture stay in the center of the pads. The panty liner wings easily snap around your underwear with KAM polycetal resin snaps. And for those days where a regular pad is needed they offer - Cloth Menstrual Pads. Wee Essentials offers various types of Cloth Pads – Heavy flow, medium flow, light flow, extra long, and post partum. Some have PUL and some have Fleece. You really have a lot of options with Wee Essentials.


For the Nursing Mamas they have Cloth Nursing Pads – these feature a fun print (that only you will know is there) on one side and a solid white side so not to show through the bra/shirt. They pads are approximately 5” in diameter and fit the majority of sizes. They feature waterproof PUL so no leaking! If you choose to custom order you can pick fleece or no waterproofing as well.

Becoming even more so popular lately are “Unpaper” Towels! You can purchase a set from Wee Essentials!

For your Bath and Body Wee Essentials offers Triple Butter Soap in various scents, they all sound so yummy and are pretty! They also offer the following:

  • Soothing Sinus Relief Balm – a balm to help you breathe and to heal your chapped nose!
  • Natural Lip Balm w/ Healing Oils – contains many oils known for their healing properties and similarity to human oils, sweetened the deal with some beeswax as an emolient (to smooth and soften), and then added yummy scented essential or flavor oils!
  • Wee Wipes – Reusable Makeup Removes Cloth/Face Scrubbies in Cotton Velour – This is a set of 12 3” squares and can be used for a variety of purposes – removing makeup, nose wipes, cleaning hands, etc.

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